Why You Should Participate In Follow Friday on Twitter

Twitter is a rapidly growing social networking kind of site that allows users to post Tweets’ of 140 characters or less for all their followers. Tweets can be messages, links, random thoughts, questions, really whatever you’d like to share with the Twitterverse.

If you are already on Twitter you’ll want to maximize your experience and social networking abilities on the site by taking advantage of the many programs, sites, and concepts that have sprung up around the Twitter craze.

#FollowFriday is one of those concepts that has taken off like wildfire on Twitter. It can be best be explained as being an effective way to promote friends and followers on Twitter to the hundreds of thousands Twitterers out there.

Basically every friday on Twitter, thousands will take part in this and promote the usernames of followers they recommend to the community to follow back. You follow people and accounts you like and people choose to follow you.

You may be wondering why the # sign is in front of FollowFriday. The hash symbol is a big part of Twitter and indicates that the words directly after it are a tag’. This allows sites to track the tagged’ words and those following the sites or Twitter accounts linked to the site will see any mess

For FollowFriday, the hash tag creates the tag for the FollowFriday concept and anyone who opts-in to hashtags.org or follows twitter.com/hashtags can keep up with various tags including the friday tag.

How do you participate after you’ve started following the above profile?

On Fridays, take the usernames of any users that you want to promote for others to follow. Place the @ symbol before each username and a space after each username. Place #Followfriday at the beginning or end of the string of usernames. Do this in your What are you doing?’ input box and hit update when you are ready.

All your followers and anyone checking the Everyone updates page will see and be able to click on every username you are promoting. Plus with the use of the # symbol to tag your post, everyone following the FollowFriday tag will be able to see the usernames you are promoting.

You can also use various applications and sites to make your FollowFridays even more fun and effective. I use The Twitter Tag Project at: http://thetwittertagproject.com/followfriday.php to generate my followfriday recommendations to promote my followers quickly and easily.

Build your number of followers while promoting other Twitter users and you’ll enhance the Twitter experience for you and the community on the site.


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