5 Things You Should Not Do When Working With The Media

Five Things you should not do-

1. Don’t overuse jargon, except perhaps in small circulations aademic, scientific or industry journals that have exclusive readership.  The use of jargon should be avioded as it prevents understanding.

2.  Don’t overuse acronyms or abbreviations.  Use them only where they are essential.  They must alwayd be written in full the first time they are used unless they are so commonplace that their meaning will be immediately understood, for example MP, CEO.

3. Don’t adopt the wrong writing style.  Releases, case studies, features, reports and trade literature all have characteristics writing styles.  Copy length, tone and presentation must fit the style of communication.

4. Don’t be too general.  Copy writted for a general audience cannot appeal to personal expereice and will not retain the attention or engage the thoughts of readers.

5. Don’t be self-praising. Copy that is heavy or adjectives and self praise often creates the opposite impression because of its lack of substance and credibility.


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