Build on Every Media Hit – From Ronn Torossian’s PR Book For Immediate Release


A book excerpt from Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPRbest selling PR book – “For Immediate Release”


Never Enough: Build on Every Media HitWhen we secure features in media, it’s just the beginning of the value of a media hit. Articles are often more valuable after they are published than when they first come out.  Some tips on making that media mention last:


• Create a PR book. Get yourself a few three-ring binders and place your brand’s name and logo on the cover. Fill it with copies of media mentions and articles. Place a binder on your desk, in your reception area, and give one to your C-suite executives and sales managers.

• Frame reprints and line your walls with them.

• Take excerpts from the media and utilize them in marketing materials and advertising (“According to XYZ News outlet, CEO John Doe is a leading strategic thinker . . . ”).

• Post articles on your company website and Intranet for both Web visitors and employees to see. (And, of course, link articles properly for SEO building, use the material on social media, and so on.)

• Send article mentions to a robust e-mail list of past and present customers and constituents, opinion leaders, bankers, investors, key vendors and clients, political leaders, and media contacts.

• Use media mentions to recruit.

I am proud that my Public Relations Agency, 5WPRis one of the few to be open during Xmas and New Years – and whenever anyone asks me why its a fairly simple answer – Do newspapers still publish, and TV still do stories ? As long as the answer is yes, then we too will be open


4 thoughts on “Build on Every Media Hit – From Ronn Torossian’s PR Book For Immediate Release

  1. yoursinbridal says:

    Very interesting as I almost worked for him a few years ago. While I agree clips are great/show what your agency can do, working your people to the point of exhaustion is not the way to do it. If you’ve been in the business for more than a year, you know that the time between Christmas and New Years is quiet for EVERYONE. Clients know this as well. So unless you’re working for Dick Clark and bringing down the ball, there is nothing so pressing that your entire staff should be in the office. When you treat your staff well, give them time to rest, they begin the new year refreshed. You, the agency and your clients benefit.

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