PR Clients Are Like Lovers

In PR consulting, getting a new client is like taking a new lover.  When the consultant and the client first become aware of each other they feel a strong attraction. They may spend some time together getting to know each other or they may jump right in.  Then when they first get together there is lots of excitement and fervent activity.  It’s fun!

But after the initial intensity, you soon settle into a nice relationship, each player meeting the others’ needs. They enjoy being together and working towards a common goal.  As the relationship matures and trust builds, the consultant becomes a partner, not just a supplier.

Sometimes problems arise and they break up.  Both parties learn from the experience and move on.  Other times the relationship continues to strengthen an the pair become almost as one.

The client knows there may be other clients in the consultant’s life, and although there may be some little pangs of jealously, usually they can handle it.

But if the consultant gets whiff of another PR in the life of the client, watch out!

Hell hath no fury like a flack scorned. The knives will be out for the interloper no matter how innocent he may be.  The consultant reacts by circling the wagons and  showering the client with gifts and attention with one eye over his shoulder.

But when the relationship is solid, no one can tempt the client away.  Just as no third party can break up a happy marriage.  Relax and have some confidence in yourself.  If you are truly loved, you are safe.  If not, maybe it was never meant to be.


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